The World’s Most Effective Advisor and Speaker on Building STRATEGIC Relationships

David Nour is an internationally-acclaimed author, advisor, speaker, consultant, educator and sales trainer on strategic business relationships. He has given keynote speeches and developed programs for some of the biggest brands on the planet and is available to deliver a speech, workshop, training or consulting engagement that can provide unprecedented value.

How Well Do You Build and Maintain Relationships?

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Relationship Economics® The Art and Science of Relationships

Regardless of your role or realm of responsibilities, your ability to reach your business goals and objectives

is closely tied to your ability to create and capitalize on a set of Strategic Relationships.

Learn how to build and capitalize on relationships

Many individuals and organizations make a fundamental mistake and treat these skills as an inherent attribute—either you have them or you don’t.

  • Individuals offer excuses why relationship building isn’t for them: “I’m an introvert. I’m not good at building relationships.”
  • Organizations often create obstacles to building Strategic Relationships—such as managerial behaviors, organizational design, reward systems, and talent management.

However, most people can learn how to build and capitalize on relationships. Relationship Economics® is a balanced, hybrid approach necessary for anyone who needs to build and leverage relationships to get things done.


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New Book Coming Soon!

Launch Date May 2017. Watch the quick video below to learn more about my next book, “Co-Create”.


CO-CREATE Book Release Date: May 2017

CO-CREATE, a book and new concepts from David Nour, helps organizations and individuals to work better, faster, and smarter, all while successfully navigating change and increasing buy-in. The principles of CO-CREATE offer professionals a way of working together that utilizes their strengths, mitigates weaknesses, and teaches them to network strategically and mindfully.