Most people unsubscribe from a newsletter because they don’t perceive it to be of value! A friend recently sent me one and as an investment in our relationship, I simply replied back with the following 10 suggestions. Thought this list may be of interest to a broader audience.

  1. Make the newsletter personable by adding a note at the top; keep it short – great value in brevity!
  2. We’re a visual society, so create powerful visual impressions. Less verbiage, more white space, great images.
  3. Inspect what you expect. How do you know if anyone reads what you’re writing. Use a back end tool to see who is reading your ideas. Prioritize those topics next month. Dispense with the fluff.
  4. Get the formatting right; broad base of browser users, people who simply forward the email, those who want to see it as a URL. Cater to as broad base of an audience (visually) as possible.
  5. Write for the consumers of the information, not you as the producer of it. Read: less about you and more about how they’re better off because of you!
  6. Multimodality is always great; find ways to insert videos or a podcast. Share a presentation or an image that captures their emotions, not just their minds.
  7. Use consistent iconography. Ideally your newsletter looks or feels like your website / brand / window to the world.
  8. Create Tweetable moments. People online are browsers, not readers. Give them what they need with the option to read more.
  9. Deliver contextually relevancy. Help your readers relate to peers who have had similar challenges you’ve been able to address. STAR format works well – Situation, Tactics, Action, Results.
  10. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Even with the above tips, you may still get a low open / read rate. So create other avenues to deliver value – write for print publications; post insights on various social outlets.

Above all, have a unique point of view and deliver it with conviction! If they get value from what you send, they’ll stay with you.

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