By David Nour, Founder – Relationship Economics

In advance of my upcoming Social Networking Technology Best Practices Book & DVD on Twitter for Business (with co-authors Michelle Cullison and Nhat Pham) my team and I have researched well over 1200 Twitter tools. Many are candidly silly and useless – you could say the same for 50% of Twitter users! Many were unique ideas, which became interesting products – but unfortunately, as we’ve seen too often, interesting products will not make a profitable and thus sustainable company. In fact, many are developed by individuals and only a few weeks after their launch, are found to be broken or no longer available.

As Twitter continues to become an incredible tool for building and nurturing online relationships, so will the Twitter business model, its security infrastructure (given the recent Russia vs. Georgia cyber attacks and Twitter shutdown for two days – an eternity for social networking sites), and third party applications. Millions more will use it to expand their social circle, promote their business, keep their coursework organized, and more.

If you’ve heard me speak, attended one of our webinar, or read any of my books, you know that I talk about Relationship-Centric goals: business goals you can not achieve without building and nurturing great relationships with others. Some of these tools will help you get there; others will simply enhance your Twitter user experience; most will undoubtedly raise the bar on your efficiency and effectiveness in the manner in which you use Twitter – not as a destination, but as a platform. And that’s the real power and promise of social networking applications. Just imagine…

For a complete list, see the booklet and DVD coming out next month. Until then, here is an abbreviated version:

Personal Branding

Chapter Two – Top 20 Best Practices for Personal & Professional Branding. Your name is your biggest brand, so what are you doing to package, market and sell “the brand called YOU?” (so famously asked by Tom Peters back in the 1990s)

1. SumtnSumtn: bring Twitter-conversation directly onto websites – for everyone – on every page. It opens up as a sidebar and people can login via Twitter and leave messages. You can also see what messages others have left for the page/site.

2. TweetMeUp: a simple way to organize tweetups (Twitter events/meetings). You can specify the location and mark it on a Google Map.

3. Twinester: lets you create or join groups and communities for Twitter. These groups are called Nests. There are various categories to choose from. The landing page displays the hottest nests.

4. KeymanWeb: allows you to tweet in over 200 languages! You don’t need to download or install anything. Just login to Twitter and select your preferred language. A virtual keyboard pops up and you can type away in your favorite language. You can tweet in over 15 Indian languages!!

5. Twitroduce: allows you to make an introduction, suggest a user, and receive user suggestions based on your unique interests. Think of Twitroduce as a more effective way to do #FollowFriday

6. Autopilot Tweet : provides full Twitter automation software for Twitter marketing. This includes a Twitter Friend Adder / Follower Adder, auto follow, follow by keywords, follow your followers, auto unfollow, and schedule tweets. Autopilot Tweet costs $40.

7. TwitterFeed: Announce your blog post on Twitter with a customized message using TwitterFeed.

Information Gathering

Chapter Three: Tweeting with Value-Add. Beyond the gimmicky manners in which some will try to build their superfluous list of followers, I’m a strong believer of expert first – speaker, presenter, author, writer, or consultant second! With these tools, you and gather information for market research, blog posts, and your own simple curiosity…

8. Unique, social network for viewing photos and videos on any topic and chatting with Twitter users interested in the same subject. Search on any topic.

9. @myflightinfo: Use @myflightinfo to stay updated on your flight’s status

10. Twitscoop: Twitscoop shares what’s hot on Twitter at any given moment

11. Incoming!: a Twitter search client that lets you cut through the noise and find the tweets that matter to you most — so you can follow your favorite topics or keep track of what users are saying about your company’s products.

12. TipTop: semantic analysis of natural language which looks at data as a source of tips that help people solve problems. A problem that is at the top of someone’s mind can often be solved satisfactorily with a good set of tips.

13. TweetMixx: provides the latest trends across Twitter by showing the hottest content based on the number of times a link is being tweeted.

14. Tweeps.Info: helps you keep track of interesting stats about Twitter users, including average tweets per day, commonly tweeted keywords, social participation ratio and more.

15. TwitCam: enables you to stream live video which is connected to your Twitter account.

Relationship Building & Management

Chapter Four: Follow and Build Followers Intently. Building and nurturing online relationships must start with the central theme of commonality – something which we can utilize to spark a conversation, a dialogue, a sharing opportunity. Find more relevant Twitter users with the help of these tools….

16. Twitter Local: Using Twitter’s location-based search API, based on the Adobe AIR based application, you can see tweets from Twitter users in a specific location

17. Who Should I Follow?: Using this site, you can get good recommendations for Tweeps to follow

18. Twellow: Find Twitter users in a specific industry using this service

19. Mr. Tweet: Mr. Tweet is a personal networking assistant for Twitter, helping you find relevant followers

20. twiggit: Use this automated service to share the articles you digg on Twitter.

21. TweeTube: TweeTube makes it easy to share videos on Twitter.

Getting Productive

Chapter Five – Twitter for Personal and Professional Productivity. Twitter for Business is as much focused on what NOT to do, as it is intended to share best practices in this evolutionary medium. One fundamental challenge is creating a balanced approach between being online and engaged, and not having to live online. Here is a culmination of tools to save time and optimize your Twitter list with some efficiency and effectiveness…

22. Update your status on 40 different social networking sites from one location!

23. Summize: Retrieve information on Twitter quickly to search Twitter in real time

24. Twalala: Helps you control what you see (and more importantly what you don’t see) in your twitter stream.

25. Just Signal: Set up a filter using Just Signal to get only the tweets that discuss the keywords you’d like to read about

26. TweepSearch: Put your Twitter network to good use and search your followers for specific parameters

Analyze to Improve

Chapter Six – Twitter Experience Enhancers. You can’t improve anything you don’t measure – that includes your return on relationships, influence and impact. Here are some analysis tools to explore…

27. Twitter Grader: Learn your Twitter grade, your local Twitter Elite, and find new people to follow through Twitter Grader.

28. TweetStats: TweetStats offers a graphical analysis of your Twitter stats.

29. Twitter Friends: Carefully measure your Twitter conversations using Twitter Friends

30. Twinfluence: Twinfluence will measure your Twitter influence based on reach, velocity, and social capital

31. Tweet-Rank: Learn about the quality of your tweets by finding out which ones won or lost followers

32. Acamin: makes it easy to share files on Twitter with your followers.

33. Trendrr: Tracks the popularity and awareness of trends across a variety of inputs, ranging from social networks ( like Twitter), to blog buzz and video views downloads, all in real time.

Ubiquitous Computing – anywhere, anytime, on any device…

Chapter Nine – Twitter Mobile. The social web, the interactive web, the engaging web knows no geographic boundaries. It cares very little for devices of access and the immediate nature of it creates the need or more so, the interest to get online and join the conversation from anywhere. Here are some mobile applications to consider:

34. Twitpic: Twitpic makes it easy to take mobile phone photos and share them using your Twitter account.

35. MyMileMarker: Keep track of your mileage with info sent via Twitter every time you fill up.

36. Jott: Jott makes it easy for you to tweet without ever having to type, transcribing your voice message to Twitter.

37. TwitterBerry: mobile client for posting updates to Twitter using your BlackBerry device. It works over the data network, so you don’t need to use SMS. Besides posting new Tweets, you can view your friend’s timeline, or the public timeline.

38. Pocket Tweets: This iPhone compatible application helps you get the lates tweets from your contacts, update your status remotely, or see what is happening around the world by viewing the public timeline.

39. fring: a mobile internet service & community that enables users to talk, chat & interact with others and their online communities, from their mobile phones. fring allows the freedom to communicate with all popular communities’ members (Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!, AIM) without boundaries, and regardless of device, network operator, platform or the community(ies) to which they belong.

Twitter Next

Chapter Ten – Twitter Next? From your health, to life tools, sharing tools, and even greater productivity, Twitter is becoming a 21st century platform versus a simple destination. Here are some interesting ones in the journey ahead:

40. FoodFeed: This Twitter-based food log makes it easy for you to track what you’re eating.

41. gtFtr: Use the gtFtr tool to record your exercise activity on Twittr.

42. Xpenser: You can Twitter your expenses to Xpenser and they will be recorded for you.

43. Twittertise: Schedule your tweets and track their clickthroughs with this app designed for Twitter advertising.

44. TwtQpon: Create simple Twitter coupons for your business with TwtQpon.

45. Tweeteorology: Find tweets about the weather in any location through Tweeteorology.

46. Glue: Post links to books, movies, restaurants and more on Twitter through Glue.

47. TwitterNotes: Organize your notes using Twitter with TwitterNotes.

48. TwitWants: buy and sell items on Twitter. You need to tag your tweets appropriately for it to show up on TwitWants. To post to TwitWants just tweet about something you want to buy, sell or give away and include #twitwants or @twitwantsdotcom

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David Nour is a social networking strategist and one of the foremost thought leaders on the quantifiable value of business relationships. A native of Iran, David came to the U.S. with a suitcase, $100 cash, limited family ties and no fluency in English! Fast forward 25 years and he has built an impressive career of entrepreneurial success, both within large corporations and early stage ventures. David is the author of Relationship Economics, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Raising Capital, and The Social Networking Best Practices series.

He is a senior management advisor, and a featured speaker for corporate, association and academic forums, where he shares his knowledge and experience as a leading change agent and visionary for Relationship Economics® – the art and science of relationships. To learn more, please visit: www.relationshipeconomics.NET or call 1-888-339-1333.

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