We just passed the half-way mark of 2012. How are you doing on your mission, vision, goals and objectives for 2012? Personally or professionally are you growing, building on your strengths, while identifying your growing edges? Many simply pass each day without a consistent and clear vision of where they’re headed and when Dec. 31 rolls around, wonder why they didn’t get there (if they really knew where “there” was in the first place)!

This holiday week is a really good opportunity for introspection. What relationships have you developed which have produced great results or have pushed you to think and lead differently? What relationships have you left stagnate and really need to invest in the second half of the year? Who do you want to get to know better? Whom do you need to leave behind!
If we are the products of the advice we take, what strategic relationships are you surrounding yourself with to constantly raise the bar on your personal and professional behavior, skills, knowledge, talent, and aim? Do those around you bring you energy, enthusiasm, fuel your drive, and create a sparkle in your eyes to reach higher than you’ve ever imagined before? Or do they bring you down, suck the life out of you, are frustrating to deal with, agonizing to put up with, or nearly impossible to accomplish any goal with on the same team?

This is the time to focus on three (3) things for a strong second half in 2012, when it comes to your strategic relationships:

  1. You have the players, now go create a team not a committee! Alignment on what really matters, a succinct value propositions for their portfolio of relationships, and holding each other accountable will be critical.
  2. Build yourself to last. Only when you constantly reinvent yourself, will you keep your personal brand relevant and in the forefront of those you’re trying to engage. If you don’t have a marketing gravity wheel, build one. If you don’t have brand equity, develop one. If you don’t have a brand, get one and build it to last.
  3. Adapt to ever-changing market dynamics. The rate which entire business models require reinvention is rising on a hockey-stick curve. Is your organization looking ahead for leading indicators such as influence or strategic relationships or looking back for lagging ones such as last year or last quarter’s numbers?

Hope you’ll join us for one of the upcoming events below. #NeverStopGrowing!

Make it a great week,

Upcoming Events:

IMPACT Webinar Series
Wednesday, July 11th | 3 PM Eastern (Noon Pacific)
Smart Customers, Stupid Companies
With Guest: Bruce Kasanoff, CEO of Now Possible and author of Smart Customers, Stupid Companies

Nour Advantage Webinar Series
Thursday, July 12th | Noon Eastern (9 AM Pacific)
Guanxi – The China Effect

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