New Employee RelationshipWe recently discussed five best practices for helping new employees build strategic relationships. Below are five more things you can do to help with this process.

Raise the bar on human resources’ (HR’s) strategic relationship value

HR’s role doesn’t start or end with getting the candidate hired. HR needs to continue to reach out to employees, introducing insights on the most valuable relationships within the organization. Every new hire should think of HR as a go-to resource and know when to call HR for strategic relationship help.

Provide mandatory relationship compliance training

Relationships go bad when there are misaligned expectations. If you want to reduce your legal liability, help new hires understand how to more effectively set the right expectations, early and often!

Provide a relationship coach. Not every company or individual can afford to hire an external coach

But for a high performer who may be rough around the edges, a newly promoted manager or executive, or a valuable employee or team who works remotely, it’s an invaluable asset.

Develop a new-hire relationship integration process

Cliques exist in many organizations. They develop as a result of the tenured nature of the culture, through various acquisitions and the people who come with them, or as people follow a specific manager. New hires often feel like outsiders, so conduct a new-hire relationship integration process. It’s a great way for a team to get to know a new teammate or manager, build early rapport, and establish mutual expectations.

Provide new-hires with one relationship-centric book each month

Americans read more than one business book a year. Why not get new employees off to a great start by providing them one relationship-centric book each month and ask them to present a summary at an informal ‘‘lunch and learn’’?

Maybe, just maybe, we’d lose less incredible talent because employees were able to build lasting, trusting, and candid relationships throughout the organization.

How do you build, nurture, and capitalize on your relationships? Take our Free Relationship Signature Index assessment which will identify you in one of four quadrants with a high level profile and a set of recommendations.

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