Holding You Back?Funny thing about business relationships: everyone knows they’re important; I’ve met very few who really understand their significance!

I often get “common sense” when I highlight key fundamentals that individuals must do on a consistent basis to identify, build and nurture productive, value-based relationships. Yet, it’s interesting how often common sense is NOT common practiced!

So I’ve wondered for years, what keeps some people from building great relationships while others not only build them, but nurture and leverage them to get promoted, succeed in new markets (often as the underdog) or with a new product or service launch, attract unbelievable talent or strategic partnerships, all to fuel their personal and professional growth?

Here are a handful of perceptions and observable behaviors over the years:

  • Lack of Confidence – In themselves, in their thought or practice leadership, or ability to engage and influence others;
  • Fear of Initiating – Guess they still have a complex from that middle school dance where they had to walk across the room and say hello to a stranger?
  • Critical Assumptions in Behavior – No one has ever told them they’re brilliant, yet others can’t see through that brilliance because they’re abrasive! Newsflash: it’s not OK to be a bully with relationships who are critical to your success.
  • Underdeveloped Integral Skillsets – They’ve never invested in the relationship building and nurturing skillsets. Guess like walking, it’s always been assumed they’ll figure out on their own in every role / realm of responsibilities.
  • Dysfunctional Organizational Structure – “If you talk to anyone from that department, I’ll kill you!”
  • Misaligned Personality for Realm of Responsibilities – Certain roles demand that you become and remain more proactive with the relationships you identify, build and nurture; are you in the right role for your personality?
  • Beliefs – Your beliefs about relationships project in what you say and do when you’re around others.


What is holding you back from building amazing relationships to accelerate your growth trajectory?

Make it a great week.

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