Happy New Year! Every single day of 2013, I tweeted about business relationship questions to help you with introspection and focus on your most valuable asset – your portfolio of relationships. You can find those under #2013Qs.

What I observed last year is that although we’re more connected digitally than ever, we’re having fewer intelligent, engaging, candid and insane conversations. So in 2014, I’ll post 52 questions for insane conversations that will stir up relationships we value, those we need to engage more effectively, impactfully, purposefully, and those we just need to shed.

These insane conversations are derived from a deeply rooted desire for more substantive conversations between friends and colleagues alike. Instead of useless small talk, how can we add more context, substance and dialogue to find out who our relationships really are – not just who they pretend to be. If these questions seem absurd or boorish, don’t answer them. But if you are interested in getting beyond the superficial, often moronic and let’s be honest, really boring small talk, these are the conversations you need to have in 2014 and beyond with those who are important to you.

Let’s call 2014, the year of insane conversations; the year of trying new experiences with new relationships; the year of trying to please others less and fulfilling our own personal and professional growth more. Let’s become more interesting in 2014. #BeBoldIn14

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