business relationshipMost people have a desire to meet new people. However, many do a terrible job getting their arms around the relationships they already have. Beyond the perception that it’s all about quantity, they neglect to understand and truly leverage the diversity and quality of their relationships. They don’t realize that the more diverse the sources of interesting and relevant contacts, the broader your sphere of influence. Likewise, the higher the business stature of one’s diverse Relationship Bank members, the more likely access to and opportunities with influential relationships he seeks.

But you can’t possibly improve anything you don’t measure, so start with the fundamentals regarding the clarity, accuracy, and relevancy of your current portfolio of relationships by asking the following questions:

  1. How current is the information in your personal contact list?
  2. Are contacts appropriately categorized to reflect the diversity and quality of those relationships?
  3. Besides basic contact information, what initial insights have you captured regarding the nature of the relationship?
  4. What are your current plans to enhance the information you track on your most valuable relationships?
  5. How often did you review your entire portfolio of relationships in an effort to enhance that portfolio?
  6. How succinctly have you identified your ideal relationship profile, including key characteristics critical for lasting and consistent year-after-year personal and professional growth through those relationships as compared to short-term transactions?
  7. How aligned is your list of target relationships for the upcoming year with that ideal relationship profile?
  8. Did you neglect some key relationships in the past year?
  9. If key relationships have been neglected, what are your plans and time frames to reinvigorate them?

Once you come up with satisfying answers to these 9 questions, you can then confidently move forward with establishing new and exciting relationships while keeping your existing relationships intact!

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