When Stacy Schott saw David Nour speak at a Georgia Meeting Planners International (GAMPI) meeting earlier this year, his message struck home. She was so excited about what he had to say that she returned to work, eager to present the Relationship Economics methodology to her own team at Minding Your Business, Inc. And a few weeks later, when she saw that David was giving a seminar at the Atlanta Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, she couldn’t wait to attend and introduce herself to him in person. Just weeks after their meeting, Stacy’s work situation changed. Her background is in the hospitality and travel industry, a strictly relationship business. “I was brought up in the hospitality industry with the belief that you are only as good as your word,” she said. “If all things are equal, people do business with people they know, like and trust. Even if I didn’t always represent the best product, people chose to do business with me because they knew I would take care of them.” Today, she is the newest principal of The Nour Group, leading the firm’s business development efforts. Relationship Economics is how I was raised in the business, so for me to go out and tell people why it will affect their culture is like me telling them they need oxygen to live.”

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