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The Nour Group, Inc., advises global leaders and boards of corporations, associations, and academic forums on disruptive innovations to fuel their growth. Founded in 2002 by global business advisor, international speaker and best-selling author of Relationship Economics, David Nour, the Nour Group has attracted clients including KPMG, Siemens, Disney, IBM, Gen Re, Amerinet and over a hundred other marquee organizations in the evolution of their business models. The firm’s services range from strategic advisory, keynote speaking and facilitation of executive discussions, to training and development, coaching and mentoring, all aimed at fueling personal, team-based and organization-wide growth through the art and science of business relationships.

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Growing pains don’t have to bring your business to a grinding halt

Fortune 50 companies go through them. Individual entrepreneurs go through them. Every business struggles with growing pains (and not necessarily when they’re just starting out).


Spreading the word about products, developing audiences who care about your brand – deeply and passionately, and successfully failing take time. They take capital. They take resources.

But you don’t have that.

Think fast, react faster. And growing pains become blips on the radar of market awareness, customer relationships, and profitability that your company doesn’t even feel.

Learn how to use the information your customers deliver via social to create powerful solutions to unique problems with your business. Develop strategies for nurturing profitable relationships that will send your bottom line soaring. And create a forward-thinking culture that bleeds through your company, giving your brand strength and making customers aware of who you are.

I’m David Nour. And I head the Nour Group, a company that delivers results from the stage and from private mentorships.

Because business isn’t about creating product and solutions. It’s about creating the relationships that spread that product, delivers results, and produce solutions that create brand evangelists. I’ll show you how.

Fast-track growth? It’s right in front of you.

Contact me today to find out how relationship economics can shift your company’s culture and profits.


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