gore.jpgBeyond your political views – and I’m sure he’s a probably a decent person to hang out with – Al Gore just doesn’t do much for me. That’s why I was particularly intrigued to see him on the cover of the July/August issue of Fast Company magazine in an article entitled “Al Gore’s $100 million makeover.”

Did you know that he’s been able to transform an epic loss into a multi-faceted enterprise encompassing global companies such as Apple, Google, and a host of other financial interests? Here’s a quick glimpse of his resume:

  • Technology: Advisor to Google and sits on the board of Apple.
  • Media: Chairman and co-founder of cable network’s Current TV, which has over 30 million subscribers.
  • Financial Services: Chairman and co-founder of Generation Investment Management.
  • Speakers Circuit: Up to $175K per appearance (graciously reduced for some non-profits and schools).
  • Books: Nine so far. His latest, The Assault on Reason, sold 50,000 copies in just the first week.
  • Real Estate: Family homes in Nashville, TN; Arlington, VA; and San Francisco, CA.

And last but certainly not least, there are his many angel investments, with which he co-funds various technology start-ups. His total net worth? Well over $100 million.

Beyond his Oscar, I bet you didn’t know he was also nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this year for his efforts to bring global warming to the political forefront.

Guess all that’s left for Al Gore is President of the United States of America. Oh well. Maybe next time.

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