Here is an interesting twist – send out a survey to your membership to decide your next annual convention’s keynote speakers!  I get what they’re trying to do – I’m just curious, is it lack of vision by a committee or trying so hard to be all inclusive? 

A mentor often reminds me that "(Blanket statement warning): HR is a low value, low contribution profession, into which people are shunted for two reasons: they can’t perform well in more important roles, or the company is trying to prove how "diverse" it is by promoting women and minorities (into non-imporant roles); and from which you cannot name me two CEOs in the last decade to have emerged in Fortune 500 companies."

Here is the interesting part – I’m in the professional speaking business and I’ve never heard of some of these people!  It takes a license to go fish, but amazing how some organizations will put any yahoo on a stage!  And then they wonder, why people don’t attend next year’s conference.

What do you think?



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