My response to this misplaced praise for Klout as the end-all, be-all for online influence!

I disagree with this article and all the hype about Klout at a cellular level! Amazing to me how many people confuse vibration with forward motion! Much of Klout’s public disclosure of its scoring algorithms is from social networks, which by definition are about a presence; not platforms or purpose, which is social market leadership! Just because I tweet 20 times a day about having coffee at a nearby coffee shop DOES NOT make me a coffee connoisseur!! Radian 6 and several of the other social media monitoring tools score “influence” in the same manner. RT, replies, and mentions are useless. If content is king, credible context is the emperors!

Real clout, in essence, the ability to influence thinking and legitimate call to action by others, must come from credibility in the subject matter in which the advocate has developed actual (not perceived) expertise! That expertise comes from thought or practice leadership with a unique perspective and an independent insight into the subject matter. Klout and those who give it any legitimacy are conspiring to dumb down the very essence of intelligent thought and critical reasoning!

What’s even more asinine are the examples of the Toronto marketing agency above that probably lost one heck of a VP candidate because of some moron’s shortsighted view of this trend; or others who tout “most influential people in the intergalactic social sphere” due to their Klout score. Meanwhile the idiots on the list couldn’t carry an intelligent conversation about the business impacts of social if there was a gun put to their head.

If you want a coffee expert, go speak with Dan Cox, Owner and President of Coffee Enterprises. The guy has spent 30+ years in all facets of the coffee business. Wonder what his Klout score is!

David Nour, CEO – The Nour Group, Inc. | Author – Relationship Economics and Return on Impact

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