I spoke at the Motorcycle Industry Council’s Annual Communication Symposium last week, and Frank Esposito of Kendon Industries was kind enough to send me the note below. Thought some of his comments may be of interest to my audience, mentees, those who are considering me for a speaking engagement in 2014 and those who missed out by picking someone else this past year, who clearly wasn’t as handsome, charming or “engaging, entertaining and motivating!” 🙂 You miss a David Nour session, you miss a lot!

For MIC members, the presentation material and the video of the session should be available in the member community shortly.


Thank you for an exceptional presentation at the symposium. You have become one of my favorites.

You inspire me.

Here is a little feedback both as an MIC Board member and also the leader of a member company.

You hit the ball out of the park at this year’s symposium. You took last year’s presentation and the experiences of a full year and put a great big punctuation mark on what we need to do as an industry and as individual businesses. Actionable, Actionable, Actionable.

Your style is engaging, entertaining and motivating. You’re not “over the top”. You have that magic ability of maintaining the right momentum, just like smooth execution around a race track. Your humor works. You’re fun. Your material and slides are delivered like good music with crescendos and great hooks and some of the stuff is jaw dropping good. It is moving.

It was your small exercises that absolutely connected me in some ways that may surprise you. They surprised me. Each time you asked to either score my company or write something down related to the flow of the presentation were eye openers. The first few were easy. I don’t know if you planned this or not, but later some of the most basic questions hit me that we looked at each other like a deer in the headlights. I should have had those answers. All of them. I didn’t. I’m thinking this was the case for many other companies. Our work as an attendee isn’t done. I’m looking forward to taking my time to listen to the presentation again and get the questions answered. I already know of three things I am going to do. Your message of “No is intellectually lazy” hit home. As a racer and competitor, it’s not in my nature. As a business leader with little or no resources, it is so easy to use that as an excuse. Guilty.

In my opinion regardless if you were a big company, a small company, have resources or no resources, your material and also your inspiration is a call to action and a wake up call. Every company in that room can do something right now to move forward. I know most of them very well. I know most will take action. I’m one of them.

We are blessed that you’ve found a love for motorcycles combined with your passion on driving relationship economics. Tim has found a gem for our industry with our relationship with you and the Nour Group.

I enjoy you and your work.

Also, the books for the attendees was a very generous contribution. They were greatly appreciated and I’ll promise you they are going to be read by most.

I’m looking forward to wherever life takes us and the best way to get there is on two wheels. I’m glad life has connected us.

Have a terrific weekend.

Best Regards,

Frank Esposito


Kendon Industries, Inc.

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