Received this LinkedIn note about 1/3 of my contacts having changed jobs or titles in 2010. Not only it’s clever of them to show me pictures – we’re a visual society, vs. simply their names – many of which most of us can’t remember or connect to the right person / context, but each is a hyperlink to their profile. This is right up there with "call your mother on holidays." But I love the question at the bottom of the page – What DID You do in 2010? and a clear, logical call to action – Let Your Connections Know.

From: LinkedIn 2010 Review
Date: January 18, 2011 9:27:31 AM EST
To: David Nour
Subject: David, 413 of your connections changed jobs in 2010.

David,LinkedIn Logo
2010 was a year of change. 413 of your LinkedIn connections started something new. Here are a few of them:

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Karen Wang, mba, pmp

Rod Sloane

Ron Sukenick

Paul Caplan

Chris Baker


Krzysztof Chorzepa

Chase Crowson

Tamara Strickley

Kim Freedman SPHR , PMP

Alec Arons

See Beth’s
new job!

Beth Armknecht Miller, CMC

Scott Mastley

John Chen

Karen Newman

Wei Wei Jeang

Tom Christner

Whit Blakeley

Tracy Stuckrath, CSEP, CMM, CHC

Wayne Botha

Robin du Bois

Kevin Coxwell

David Green

Hardin Byars

Derrick Harris

Oliver Cooper

Erez Katz

Kevin A. Floyd

David Roberts

Where is
Edward "Ted"?

Edward "Ted" White

Gina Bartlett

Abe Riazati

Ric Stone

Fiona Marissa

Adam Singer

Andrew Baird

Gary Voudrie

Nathan Ives

Karla Sinclair

Deb Arbo, CMP

Bob O'Brien

Chengya Liang, MD, PhD

Sean Cogswell Webb

Susie Heins

Joe Aielli

Margaret Harman

Tammy Schultz

Margaret Donnelly


MICHAEL RYAN   (10,110+) ?

Curtis Rapp

Amanda Besemer

Dieter Klein

Natalie Pesantez

Claire Wyckoff

Mark Phillips

Michael Sater

Bill Geist

What did you do in 2010?
Let your connections know.

© 2011, LinkedIn Corporation

Sociologists call this being "ambient aware" – the more you know about your portfolio of relationships, the more proactively it helps you manage those relationships. So, here are a handful of questions for you to ask yourself:

  1. How well do you really know your "connections" in LinkedIn, "Friends" in Facebook, or "Followers in Twitter?" Amazing that we’ll connect with anyone – regardless of whether we know them or not, respect, trust, or value them or not. I actually heard a presenter tout that he can help you get a 1000 LinkedIn connections in just a couple of hours!! Really? Where do I sign up? Needless to say, I’m no longer involved with the organization who actually thinks this yahoo will add value to its members!
  2. Are you using social networks consistently, intently, and strategically – as part of your broader marketing gravity / relationship development efforts? I used LinkedIn for my most trusted relationships. If you want to simply connect with me, let’s do that on Facebook (, and if you simply want to hear of my thought leadership, follow me on Twitter (@davidnour).
  3. How are you listening, engaging, and influencing your most valuable relationships via social networks? The worst thing you can do on social networks is to sell – it unequivocally turns everyone off. The best thing you can do is to listen to their ideas, engage them in a unique perspective, and influence their thinking and call to action.

Would love to hear your perspective on dos and don’t on social networks…


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