Particularly in an economically sluggish market, candidates more than ever need to reduce their “self-interest” and increate the perceived benefit / value-add to their perspective employers. Here are 3 simple ways:

  1. Pretend You Already Have the Job – what is your 30-60-90 day plan if you got the job tomorrow? Give it some thought, send a well thought out plan to your perspective employer and start delivering, start researching, start meeting key industry people in preparation of getting that offer. What’s the worst that could happen – you learn a ton and meet some interesting people?
  2. Add Value Not Noise – I wrote in Relationship Economics that way too many people confuse vibration with forward motion! Very few employees care about busy work – make your comments, suggestions, recommendations, value-add; if it becomes noise, it will get lost. How are your ideas about how to do the job – any job, not just better (incrementalism) but different (innovation)? How are they unique to you as the only person who can do the job at that level? How will you raise the bar and make the manager, the team, and the organization look good. Don’t tell me – show me!
  3. Make it Quantifiable – make your value-add quantifiable! Unless you’re making them money or saving them money, you’re overhead and in a tight economy, very few smart companies can afford overhead. Show them how they can get a Return on Impact on their investment in you and this position – make it quantifiable and highlight the key assumptions you’re making.

What are you seeing in the market from creative candidates?

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