That’s what a mentor drove into me years ago. It’s a work in progress, but incredibly rewarding when you help a great client achieve their desired outcomes. Sure, others can create more sizzle in their marketing, branding, and get invited to bigger stages for their 15 min of fame. But if you’re really committed to your chosen profession, here are just a five simple tips in my last 12 years of running a boutique consultancy:

  1. #NeverStopGrowing – the minute you become complacent, you’re no longer relevant. Read, write, explore, attend new events, meet interesting people, become more interesting, seek new experiences with child-like wonder!
  2. #NewNorm Works! – when you become an object of interest, those who matter will seek you out! Relationship Economics and Return on Impact are more than clever concepts; they work when internalized and applied to real-world business challenges and opportunities.
  3. Build Strong Market Relationships – if others understand your specialized knowledge, skills, talent, and the ability to create results, they can recommend you! Dramatically reduced cost and cycle of client acquisitions.
  4. Add Value, Provoke, Bring a Contrarian Perspective – add value to every interaction, provoke your relationships to think and lead differently, and a dose of productive pushback is healthy in any relationship. Few people get value from “yes people” around!
  5. Invest in the Relationship – first, last and every opportunity in between. Unless they like, respect, and thus TRUST you, the rest will be transactional (vs. transformational) at best!


My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Stefano Bertuzzi for his kind comments on LinkedIn.

I’m planning several events this summer and fall aimed at growing your personal and organizational performance, professional speaking abilities, and leadership skills. Stay tuned and whether in person or virtually, I hope you’ll be able to join us.

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