A mentor once told me “fame sells!”  You never know who’s going to read one of your articles, attend one of your webinars, or see a press clipping about you.  As such, you must consistently focus on building your body of work (intellectual property) and nurturing a brand called YOU, thus creating a sustainable “marketing gravity.”

So, how do you gain notoriety in your target market? 

1. Focus on being the very best at what you do!  Remember – Performance Trumps all!  Read, write, share unique perspectives and provide independent insights.

2. Stay Visible – add value to every interaction, share your insights and give freely of your time and expertise.

3. Consistent with our theme this year: balance great ideas with great execution!

At the end of the day, those who matter, will seek you out!

Watch the brief segment below from CNBC’s The Business of Innovation with host, Maria Bartiromo.


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