Received this email today from @progressive and it made me wonder, how often do YOU reach out to your portfolio of relationships and help them get more value from you?

It’s not just the price, but the following factors that help you get beyond simply meeting expectations to delighting your portfolio of relationships:

  1. Unexpected benefits at unexpected times – didn’t wake up this am wondering if I’d hear from my insurance company with a better deal!
  2. Proactive communication – don’t make me call you or shop around for a lower rate; be proactive and acknowledge that I’m a loyal client and reward me for it.
  3. Reinforced value in the relationship – Other than a couple of blips, I’m neutral to these guys. So when I get this reinforced “value-add,” it tips the scale more toward positive = higher likelihood that a) I’ll renew, and b) I’ll refer; bonus – I’ll write about them!

Think about it – how can you touch your relationships this next week? Unexpectedly, proactively, and to reinforce the value in the relationship?


Wikipedia: client definition: one that is under the protection of another.

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