Have you ever wondered why we’re so stubborn that we refuse to do things that are actually good for us? From the discipline of maintaining our exercise regimen, to watching what we put into our bodies, to how we push our minds to grow, expand, and create new experiences? Sure, it’s easy to create all kinds of excuses. But how do we REALLY ascertain that we can’t or shouldn’t do something, go somewhere, or be with someone who can help us think, grow and dramatically improve our outcomes?

The amazing part to me is that we know we feel great when we do exercise, don’t overindulge on that meal, or attend an event where we’re exposed to incredible insights and create new relationship opportunities. And yet, somehow the part of us that knows we’ll be better off too easily fails to communicate with the part of us that takes action. The angel on one shoulder leads the horse to water, but damned if the devil on the other shoulder doesn’t talk the horse out of taking a drink.

Case in point: for the past year, I’ve been working on putting the content together for the Soundview Author Summit (#SVAS15 if you want to follow the insights on Twitter).

The Author Summit is a gathering of thought and practice leaders who have published business books. With an estimated 3,000 business books published each month, you would think there would be literally hundreds of authors eager to benefit from:

  • Lunch with the #1 executive coach in the world, Marshall Goldsmith;
  • Strategy and key market trend insights from former senior execs from Coke, Equifax, and American Express;
  • International market expansion advice from one of Forbes’ top contributors;
  • Invaluable insights on professional speaking from pros who deliver 80-100 keynotes per year;
  • Impactful real-world examples from executive coaches who work with C-suite clients on improving their condition;
  • Insights from fashion experts on Return on Image—how consistently looking more professional and polished prepares you to elevate your results;
  • Agent insights on how to navigate your next book deal through the changing publishing landscape;
  • Buying process revelations from an association executive with 50,000+ global members; and
  • Brand insights from Daymond John of the hit ABC series Shark Tank!

Established business book authors, publishing executives, and top marketing and PR professionals gathered for a total of 23 hours of conversation-driven inspiration, insight, networking, and learning from a Sunday night to Tuesday midday in Atlanta.

Successful business authors realize that a book is not the end-goal but rather, the beginning of an economic ecosystem. Just as important as the book, from an ROI standpoint, is the network of passive and active earning opportunities it generates for authors, from additional published books to keynote speaking, training services and products, and consulting. Intellectual property is a business, and the Soundview Author Summit is the preeminent gathering for people who take that business seriously.

As presenter Peter Winick tweeted, “People want to learn, have impact and like those they work with.” And yet, too many authors are, frankly, too frugal to avail themselves of opportunities to do so. They’ll never know, much less benefit from, the content they missed—until they commit to attending the next Author Summit.

If you don’t make time in 2015 to attend events like this where you get a chance to think and grow, gain unique perspectives and meet interesting net-new relationships, how will you become a stronger asset to your colleagues, clients, and the market you aim to serve?

In short, #NeverStopGrowing!

Nour Takeaways

  1. We all make decisions about opportunities to become a greater asset to our relationships and market; why do we not accept more of these calls to better ourselves?
  1. The Soundview Author Summit packed 23 hours of learning, networking, and inspiration into an immersion with 15 topnotch presenters.
  1. Don’t be the horse who can be led to water but not to made to take a drink—remember that investment in yourself makes you a stronger asset to your colleagues and clients.
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