21May 2012

An omnipresent sign at the gym where I train displays those words. Incremental neglect seldom highlights the greater impact; in other words, you don’t feel worse by skipping a workout or dramatically different after one. But should you skip exercising for a whole year, you are sure to feel accelerated breathing up a flight of stairs, loss of muscle mass, or a tighter fit around your waistline. Responding to the evolutionary digital land­scape isn’t a switch; it’s a dial. You have to lead differently! Leadership strategy for the age of connected relationships isn’t about putting up a Facebook fan page or the CEO’s tweeting three times a day! It’s about the unequivocal need to think and act differently as a leading organization because of social: to harness its power and promise while avoiding its inevitable pitfalls, to embrace it as an enabler of your value-add, not block access to it out of fear of malice.

21Jan 2010

“If a man is judged by the company he keeps, David Nour’s “Relationship Economics” provides a systematic approach to building value in that judgment. The concepts reach well beyond networking to building lasting and productive relationships.”

– Dennis Sadlowski, President and CEO, Siemens Energy and Automation, Inc.

21Jan 2010

“The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Raising Capital is specifically organized and designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners with the informational tools necessary to successfully attract financing to launch and/or expand a business enterprise of any kind or category…”

21Jan 2010

“I’ve been using LinkedIn for about a year, and I learned more in a couple of hours with you than I have in 12 months on my own.”

Dr. Paul G. Schempp
Performance Matters, Inc.