27Oct 2011

ASAE Technology Conference Keynote speaker David Nour, a bestselling author and a content expert on social media, social networking, and social collaboration will address the quantifiable business impact of social as well as challenge every attendee to rethink their strategic use of social tools and context in order to achieve social market leadership. Nour is the author of a forthcoming book published by ASAE’s Association Management Press, Return on IMPACT: Leadership Strategies for the Age of Connected Relationships.

31Aug 2010

If you’ve read Relationship Economics, I refer to Return on Image™ as a quantifiable soft asset.  Mark Fonseca here in Atlanta is one such resource who "gets" the value of dressing for success.  Below is his monthly newsletter which I thought you may find of interest and value.  His contact info is also included should […]

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10Aug 2010

If 2009 was about this shiny, sexy new toy called social networking, 2010 and beyond has to be about ROI from your online efforts. Social media in many ways is reinventing ROI to return on influence, impact and integration. Whether you use social media to strengthen your brand, drive marketing efficiency, or increase sales, here […]

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21Jun 2010

David Nour, founder of Relationship Economics, describes the other aspects of ROI vs. the traditional description – return on investment. What is your clients’ / prospects’ / members’ / audiences’ return on involvement? Return on engagement? Return on influence? Influence is the leading indicator of your business while traditional ROI is the lagging indicator.