Social Networking

27Feb 2014

Most would agree that LinkedIn is the definitive social networking site for business professionals. But years since it has been in the market, most professionals I coach, mentor or otherwise meet: Don’t have a compelling, content-rich profile Aren’t active in both nurturing their current relationships or pursuing net new relationships Miss the opportunity to build […]

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17Jun 2012

Companies force customers to do business with them on their terms – carry their loyalty card, buy when they’re open, and spend significant time repeating the most basic information: name, account numbers, passwords, and more, every time they transact on the Web, over the phone and in-person.

17Jun 2012

With unemployment hovering close to ten percent in many countries, a number of global organizations are having a difficult time finding and retaining the necessary talent not only to extract a return in big growth investments but also to undertake everyday operations with necessary quality, efficiency and effectiveness. Many organizations are also struggling to get the most out of their existing talent. While they have staff with specific functional skills, they often lack multi-faceted stars that can solve thorny business problems that span multiple domain expertise and engage cross-business unit leaders on topics such as lasting change management or adaptive innovation.