In studying both best practices and best practitioners of strategic relationships over the past decade, here is my list of 15 attributes of strategic relationship maturity. The first week, I shared the first five:

  1. Never automatically resents criticism, realizing that it may contain a suggestion for personal or professional growth
  2. Understands that self-pity is futile and simply a way to place blame for a business disappointment on a 3rd party
  3. Consistently keeps a calm and collected head and never “fly off the handle”
  4. Keeps calm in business emergencies and deals with pressure, stress, and frustration in a logical, reasonable manner
  5. Accepts responsibility without blaming others when situations go wrong

Last week, I shared five more:

  1. Faces reasonable or unexpected business delays with patience, realizing that adaptability is a strong asset
  2. Possesses the courage to lose, accepting defeat and disappointment as an opportunity to learn and grow
  3. Seldom worries about things that can not be changed; instead chooses to always look and move forward via leading indicators of future relationship development success
  4. Doesn’t boast when praised or complimented; accepts it with grace, appreciation and without false modesty
  5. Applauds achievement of other parties in the relationship with sincere goodwill

Here are the final five in this list:

  1. Celebrates success of others having outgrown petty jealousy and envy
  2. Listens intently to the opinions and ideas of others, even when he/she holds opposing views; civil discourse is norm.
  3. Doesn’t find “little faults” or criticize people who do things differently, as long as the desired outcome is achieved
  4. Is diligent in his/her strategic relationship planning; eliminates spur of the moment without due consideration of others
  5. Shows professional maturity with an unparalleled emotional intelligence in engaging and influencing others

If you were giving yourself a grade of A-B-C, how did you do? Where are your growing edges? Print this list and put it on your office door. Visit it daily and keep asking yourself, what’s my 1% for today? How can I improve by 1% each day, so as my friend and colleague, Alan Weiss points out, you can become twice as good in 70 days!

Make it a great week,

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