We’re MOVING! – Mark your calendar for this afternoon Tuesday, June 17th, 1 PM ET#AskDavidNour Twitter Chat on How can you effectively identify, build, nurture, and capitalize on #Tradeshow Business Relationships. You won’t attend another tradeshow the same way again!!

content+communityI heard this fantastic quote from my good friend and introNetworks CEO, Mark Sylvester: “Come for the Content. Stay for the Community.” He was quick to attribute it to another thought leader (sorry, can’t recall whom at the moment), but that’s not the point. What resonated with me where three fundamental points in all of our relationships:

1. People gather for those two fundamental reasons: content + community. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, a speaking or training & development engagement, a summit, or a webinar, those two points should be your primary focus. Don’t pontificate. Get to the point. The content must be great and you must attract intelligent, engaging people who can add to the conversation!

2. We all have incredible value to add to every relationship. For some reason, unfortunately we downplay it, undervalue it, or underutilize it. Don’t! Make a list of all of your assets that would be of interest and value to others and embark on a consistent journey (perhaps a lifelong one) to connect seekers and solvers! Use me and this post as an excuse to reach out to others you haven’t touched base in a while, get caught up on both sides, and instead of putting your hand out looking for something, lend a hand and become an asset to them. Those who matter will remember and find a way to reciprocate!

3. How are your relationships better off because of you? If you can’t answer that question, you have some homework to do! Seek out 10-20-30 people you like, respect, and trust and simply ask their opinion of what they feel you do well? How have they benefit from knowing or working with you? What do they feel are your growing edges? You can not do anything about perceptions or a repute you don’t understand and if you don’t act know, you’re sending two signals: either you don’t care or you’re clueless. Neither ones are really that compelling when it comes to building and nurturing strategic relationships.

Talking about relationships – handful of development opportunities coming up; more details coming in the newsletter this week or on the updated NourGroup.com website. These will be NOT to be missed events:

  • July 12-13: Nour Immersive Weekend – Grow Your Business
  • Sept. 6-7: Nour Immersive Weekend – Speak Like a Pro
  • Sept 29 – Oct. 2 – Leadership Summit in Atlanta Week One
  • Nov. 15-16 – Nour Immersive Weekend – Your 2015 Digital Strategy
  • Nov. 17-20 – Leadership Summit in Atlanta Week Two
  • Jan. 10-13, 2015 – Soundview Author Summit here in Atlanta
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