If most of your business relationship challenges, setbacks, and defeats are caused by others, A) have you ever thought YOU may be the common denominator? And B) how can you focus on specific behavior modifications to prevent them in the future?

I’m coaching my clients that they need to “own” their relationship failures, because that’s how we all grow and conquer our fears. In our society it’s easy to blame others (“politics holds me back at work”) or creating imaginary resistance (“I get stage fright”); the challenge with constantly looking at external elements vs. introspection, is that it tends to deepen the hole you find yourself cowering in.

Exceptional leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and consistently outstanding performers take possession of their fears and obstacles, real or imagined, and overcome them. Facing your relationship-centric fears won’t kill you; not doing so will allow it to paralyze you and stop any personal and professional growth.

The results you’re after will come from modifying, enhancing, elevating, expanding, or sometime eliminating certain behaviors. Relationship-centric behaviors are consistent and only when you make time for introspection, or coaching and mentoring from people you respect and trust, can you uncover your relationship-development strengths to build on and weaknesses to shore up through others. Just remember, that we all have growing edges!

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