Professional development for innovators

Whether you’re part of an organization or a professional striving to develop in your career, you’ll run into challenges if you try to implement change. Any conscious decision to learn, grow, or evolve often scares those who insist on maintaining the status quo, and those individuals can be counted upon to create roadblocks and inefficiencies as you try to innovate.

So, whether you’re streamlining company processes, decreasing waste, or introducing industry-altering ideas, or simply trying to meet other innovators in your network, you‘ll need a plan in place to: learn from your mistakes; invest in strategic relationships, and keep your project, company, and career moving forward when so many others go off the rails.

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Relationship Economics®

Networking is a prime opportunity to hone the business relationship skills that drive personal and professional development.

There is no shortage of literature on the art of building business relationships–from how to get and give business cards, to “networking survival guides,” to becoming a “conference commando.” What’s missing is a hybrid approach – a way to transform our most valuable business relationships into business development success, world-class customer service, and project management performance.

Through the Strategic Relationship Planning™ (SRP) process, our team has developed business relationship metrics that redefine ROI as Return on Involvement™, Return on Influence™, Return on Integration™, and Return on Image™. In short, a return on business relationship investments that gets things done!

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Disruptive Technologies - Return on Impact

Disruptive technologies, by definition, force individuals, teams, and organizations to reconsider and reinvent. The Nour Group team’s passion helps  global clients think differently by adding tangible value to their vital relationships with employees, customers, partners, investors, etc. through the implementation of disruptive technologies.

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Adaptive Innovation

Create a sustainable competitive advantage. Companies must develop a relationship-centric culture.

They must have the audacity to fail and the ability to learn from those failures.

Relying on traditional methods of value-add is often an excuse to imitate the strategies of others. It’s time to do it your way. The Nour Group has developed a unique process that enables organizations to constantly adapt their own unique business models to changing market conditions.

Outcomes include:

  • Maximizing production capacity for innovative products and services
  • Bypassing traditional delivery mechanisms to reduce time and cost to market
  • Aggregating content to drive value in buyer and seller interactions
  • Proactively leveraging insights for the network – not just about them
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Strategy Visualization

Profit margins are reached (and exceeded) when everyone has a clear and iron-clad grasp of the complex information they’re expected to understand and act on.

Even major corporations realize this. They realize the importance of having employees and even clients understand the core of the data being conveyed, so they invest in what we call: Strategy Visualization.

We take the in-depth information that’s trapped deep in PowerPoint decks, product sheets, and capability brochures and transform them from hard-to-grasp concepts (buried across several, difficult-to-access formats) into a clear, concise visual image that explains everything your team  needs to make your product and your company the best.

This gives teams, clients, and stakeholders a Tiffany crystal vision to rally around, eliminating generic and ambiguous messages that are riddled with corporate lingo, which numbs the audience, rather than excites them.

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