Why A Book on ConnectAbility?


– noun: 1. an agile approach to running an organization that takes into account the psychology of human interaction; 2. the only way to do business in today’s economy

Why A Book on ConnectAbility Now?

Have you ever met some people who simply “connect” with others more effectively, easily, and productively? They make it look easy and very natural. For many, it’s not that simple. We want to be like them and benefit from the success they’ve created in identifying and nurturing lasting partnerships. But until now, there hasn’t been a resource that combines insightful ideas about business connections with practical and pragmatic “how-to” applications.

That’s where the ConnectAbility book (McGraw-Hill, 2010) by authors David Ryback, PhD, Jim Cathcart, and David Nour comes in. The three have identified eight keys to building strong partnerships with colleagues and customers alike. This book teaches the reader how to:

  • Share your power with others
  • Express yourself with authenticity
  • Engage your audience with humor
  • Challenge yourself by taking charge

Maintain awareness of emotional dynamics

Given our current low trust business environment, how astute is your ConnectAbility in 2010?

Where to get The Book ConnectAbility?

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