How are you identifying, prioritizing, and nurturing your individual, team, and organization’s most valuable asset – its portfolio of relationships? How are you understanding, embracing, and strategizing a more holistic customer experience to fuel your enterprise growth?

You are invited to the 2011 Customer Economics Retreat, a highly engaging three days with select senior leadership peers and thought leaders gathering at the magnificent setting of The Cloister at Sea Island to discuss:

  • Managing strategic relationships,
  • Developing a quantifiable return on strategic relationships,
  • Impact of social media on the enterprise,
  • Reorienting the organization, and
  • Growth and competitiveness strategies ahead.

It will be an intensive three days. We will work hard and play hard. But expect the toughest kind of hard work: mental challenge. This will be an intellectually rewarding experience, probably rare, and perhaps unprecedented in your “normal” career progression.

So join a select group of senior leaders, August 3-6, 2011 at the beautiful Sea Island for the 2011 Customer Economics Retreat.

To learn more, please visit the URL below.


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