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Relationship Economics® Newsletter
December 2006

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends:

Wow – it’s hard to believe 2006 is coming to an end! I’m often reminded of a mentor’s comment many years ago to “throw away my stopwatch and get a compass!” What I didn’t understand the first time he said it was how precious the journey is – not just the destination we’re all trying to reach. As many of us are wrapping up key projects and embarking on planning efforts for the new year, I encourage you to slow down a bit and invest that much needed time and energy in some introspection.

Ask yourself, are you personally and professionally better off this December than you were last? Did you gain new knowledge, a new skill or a unique perspective? Did you go along with the “dumbing down” of our culture (less than 5% of Americans read more than one book per year!), or did you push yourself to improve who you are as an executive, as a manager or as a human being? Did you invest in your education for continued development, broaden your realm of responsibilities or take a step toward the ever- elusive aim for life-balance?

What does 2007 hold in store for you, your team or your organization? Will you be prepared for an economic downturn, the continued war for talent and the possibility of being one of the 9 out of 10 companies that fail to achieve their strategies? How will you convert the “Us & Them” to “We”? How will you achieve your goals and objectives with a brand new team who doesn’t yet know or trust each other? How will you be personally and professionally better off next December than you are now?

In over 100 keynote speeches this past year, I reiterated that our most valuable asset is our portfolio of relationships. Beyond our education and professional pedigree, our relationships transcend across time, geography and any particular job or industry. They help us overcome geographic, functional and project-based silos to truly collaborate, communicate and overcome barriers. Consider this – knowledgeable people know a lot of facts, figures and general information; successful people know a lot of people. In which of your most valuable relationships did you invest in 2006? Did you realize a return on those relationship investments? Which ones will you prioritize and invest in again in 2007?

As you embark on 2007, consider Strategic Relationship Planning and where its eight fundamental pillars of Strategic Focus, Revenue Growth, Process Optimization, Cost Performance, Competitive Differentiation, Matrix Efficiency, Talent Development and Corporate Reputation fit on your radar. We hope you will enjoy this month’s Relationship Economics® newsletter and will forward it to colleagues you deem of great value to your compass – in 2007 and beyond.

Happy Holidays!

David Nour, Managing Partner
The Nour Group, Inc. – Atlanta
404-419-2115 x9101

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