This morning I received an email telling me that as an Amazon Prime member, I would now be able to access even more movies and TV shows using my account. The email reminded me of other benefits (e.g., free Kindle book rentals, etc.) in the next line and was followed by a simple button I could click to “start watching” now. Their message was short, elegant, and gave me more than I expected.

Can we have more of that, please?

Delighting your customers - Amazon Prime gets it right.

It seems like organizations lose sight of the ultimate goal, focusing on the short-term transaction rather than building a long-term customer relationship. By delivering more value and reminding their members of the benefits of Prime service, Amazon drives home the message that Prime is valuable and part of an exceptional experience. Here are three things you can do today to provide exceptional experiences to your customers.

1. Create effective touch points – Look at every way your customers interact with your organization and identify ways to make their experiences better. What is your first chance to surprise them in a good way so they fall in love with your brand? What happens when they first sign in to their accounts? What happens when they call or email your customer service line?

2. Delight with “free” – Can you surprise your customers with something free and valuable to them that they don’t expect? Amazon Prime and their email announcing more free content to members is a great example of this.

3. Think it through to the follow up – What happens after your customers receive their world-class experience? Do they have a way to share that with others? Do you provide them with options to use their experience in another way? Do you enhance their benefits with an offering of products or services that carry them to the next level of experience?

I have been a Prime member for over four years and I haven’t had to change a thing. I allow my membership to renew, even as I buy more books digitally, because I love the way they treat me as their customer. I haven’t used the additional benefit of accessing TV shows and movies online, but I like that I have them available along with my free two-day shipping (really worth its weight in gold around the holidays).

Provide your customers with world-class experiences and turn them into something better than transactions; turn them into evangelists for your brand.


The importance of world class experiences is discussed in greater detail in the book, Return On Impact, by David Nour. Pick up a copy of Return on Impact.

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