Wow Factor‘‘When one comes across as a confident leader, a mover and shaker, they have this sense of destiny about them,’’ commented Jim Boone, a friend and president and CEO of CORESTAFF Services. ‘‘They are straightforward in their answers, curious, bright, with a lot of energy and drive. I can’t wait for the board to meet them.’’

They possess what he referred as the ‘‘Wow Factor’’; you get the sense that they have their act together and are going places.

A CEO recently asked if I could help his senior leaders build a stronger portfolio of relationships. Although extremely competent in their individual roles and realms of responsibilities, he thought they could become better ‘‘connectors.’’ After evaluating each executive’s relationship development efforts, my goal in coaching them was to see them become more intentional about their investment efforts and to strategically focus on the diversity and quality of their relationships.

What are some ways you have found to be effective to be effective to come across as a confident leader, mover and shaker?

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