I recently asked a company CFO about how many clients he had spoken with or seen in person in the past month. When he gave me a perplexed look, I thought I’d clarify this seemingly complex question – How do you gather market insights from your existing customers? To my amazement his response was “I don’t go see customers.” That’s the power of GE’s Quick Market Intelligence (QMI). They gather first hand, market-facing data from customers and employees daily or weekly. This is why we strongly recommend that “nothing will ever replace feet on the street” and every executive in every company, regardless of size, market stature, or perceived dominance talk with one customer per week and have lunch with at least one employee. Lou Gerstner, the famous IBM CEO, required the top 240 executives of IBM to talk with five customers and five employees each and every week. There is nothing more worthless than your expensive marketing, sales or certainly technical departments coming up with really cool ideas, campaigns and promotions that no one will care about! First hand information from employees and customers feed key decisions makers’ brains, which aid in identifying trends quicker than the competition. Contact us to learn about the keynote speech on Adaptive Innovation.

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