I get 2-3 calls like this on a daily basis and just can’t help but ask: does this EVER work for anyone?!? Listen to the audio below.

1. I have no idea who you are!
2. I certainly don’t like, know or trust you yet?
3. You’re shooting completely in the dark as you have NO IDEA who I am!
4. Your message is not compelling enough and the call to action is way too weak!
5. For someone who sounds senior, you’re missing the boat: Like Me – Know Me – Trust Me – Pay Me!

Only when you’re likable, people will invest time to get to know you. Only when they get to know you, will they trust you. Only when they trust you, will they buy your ideas, products & services!

Instead try this:

“David, John Smith (hopefully a viable and respected referral source) thought the two of us would appreciate getting to know each other. I’ve reviewed your website, read several of your articles, watched couple of your videos and believe in your message of quantifiable and strategic relationships. I’d like to introduce you to a handful of my clients in hopes of securing a speaking, training or consulting engagement for your firm. In the process, I’d also like to share with you some of our success stories and explore how we can become a strong asset to one another.

Let me know of your interest and availability for a cup of coffee in the next few weeks.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

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