I don’t know about you, but the Boston Marathon tragedy has reiterated three critical points for me:

1. Amidst pain and suffering, kindness, generosity, and enormous goodwill thrives! Beyond the courageous men and women who chose to be first responders, amazing stories such as Goggle putting up a page for people to find other people, local residents offering stranded marathon attendees rooms and couches to stay, to complete strangers helping those in need, are all examples of human decency in midst of evil and hatred. I found myself going out of my way today to help complete strangers! None of us need a tragedy to do random acts of kindness, consistently!

2. True collaboration needs a common mission, vision or enemy to produce results. When jurisdictions in law enforcement, or functional roles in organizations, overlap, there is a natural tendency to “protect one’s turf!” We often talk about teamwork and collaboration, but as we witnessed, given a common mission, vision or enemy, it’s amazing how disparate parts of an ecosystem (whether law enforcement or an organization) can come together, collaborate, share actionable insights, and deliver performance, execution, and results. We figured out who the suspects were and killed or captured them within 3-4 days! Don’t tell me sales & marketing or membership & finance can’t work together.

3. This goes without saying, but not all immigrants are terrorists! Many come to the U.S. for the “American Dream,” work hard to get a decent education, earn an honest living, pay taxes, and obey societal laws. Comments such as “we have to find a way to keep them out,” are myopic as this country is a fabric of immigrants. Legal immigrants make this country’s economy thrive. Legal and law abiding immigrants create diversity in our perspectives. Legal, law abiding, and educated immigrants teach us that our way of doing things, isn’t the only way of doing anything! Entrepreneurial legal immigrants expand our horizons and help us realize that the “American Dream,” is alive and well. God bless the US and its ability to harness the power and promise of legal immigrants aimed at making this country even greater tomorrow than it is today.

By the way, these three points are also extremely important in your portfolio of relationships:

  • Only when you make relationship deposits in others, will you see your own conditions improve.
  • The most impact from relationships come from a common vision, strategy, or an action plan to get there, together.
  • We often create our initial perceptions about a person in the first 7-10 seconds; we cement that perception in the next 10 min. Learn how NOT to judge a book by its cover.

I’m involved in some great events coming up; if you’re in the area or in these industries, I hope you’ll make time to join us:

InfoComm 2013 – Tues, June 11 through Thurs, June 13 in Orlando (anyone in the corporate AV world)
IBM SmarterCommerce Summit – Tues, June 18 through Thurs, June 20 in Monaco (focus is the customer journey)
National Assoc. of Wholesaler-Distributors, Assoc. Exec. Council (AEC) Summer Meeting – Tues, July 9 in Asheville, NC
Microsoft World Partner Conference – Thurs, July 11 in Houston, TX

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