Building TrustI know this post is shorter than others, but the simplicity of this process will yield results time and time again. Remember this is an extremely simple process that has been proved since the beginning of time:

Like Me—Know Me—Trust Me—Pay Me!

  • If you like me, you’ll invest time and effort to get to know me.
  • When you get a chance to know me, hopefully opportunities will arise for you to experience that you can trust me.
  • Only when you feel that you can trust me will you pay me—monetarily for my products or services, as well as my independent perspectives.

That’s it. Eight simple words that mean so much when it comes to succeeding in business!

To learn more, read Chapter 8 in the revised and updated Relationship Economics paperback edition with 40 percent new content, including an all-new chapter 10 on social media and business relationships (Wiley, Feb. 2011).

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