Elevate YourselfSocial market leadership leverages a multichannel, multidirectional approach toward building relationships around enabling the key interactions that support the awareness, influence, interest, buying, and referral processes. By the way, you can’t apply a traditional marketing approach to the social networks and collaborative technologies. You can’t just broadcast your advertising or public relations (PR) message on social networks and expect your target audience to engage.

Social market leadership is about building value-based relationships with communities of like-minded buyers.

As described by Joseph L. Pine II and James H. Gilmore in their book The Experience Economy, professionals who aim to consistently develop exceptional experiences for all who engage them will deliberately elevate themselves above the market noise. Exceptional experience will then bleed through into marketing and sales, with the ability to mass distribute client delights.

Business professionals who will be able to effectively and efficiently ‘‘socially enable’’ their client relationships will be able to increase the growth in net-new client acquisition, reduce the cost of client retention, and enhance their market leadership position as thought leaders in their industry.

How well do a group of individuals work well together in a team-based environment? Take our Free Relationship DNA assessment to identify the team attributes in one of four quadrants with a high level profile and a set of recommendations.

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