I spend a couple of hours each day following hyperlinks from various posts on Twitter, and a dozen or so interesting blogs I keep up with. With the absolute information overload and 200+ emails / day that I receive, it really has become a “pruning” job – don’t keep up with it and whether in the inbox or on the Blackberry, it gets overwhelming quickly.

As such, a couple of years ago, I immersed myself into Macros and Rules in MSFT Outlook – this subject line, goes into that folder; emails from this address go into here; any of these words in the subject or body of the email, DELETE!

So, when I came across this article on Best Practices in Writing Email Subject Lines, I couldn’t help but to not only be intrigued, but wanted to share it as well.

Three tips for you on your Digital Etiquette:

  1. Let’s use email for facts, not opinions!
  2. If I have to scroll your email, please pick up the phone and call me!
  3. Let’s stop cc’ing 15 people and then reply with “Thanks!”; no, “Thank You”; no, I insist “Thank You!”

What have you found to be effective in your email communication?

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