Social media in many ways is reinventing ROI to return on influence, impact and integration. Whether you use social media to strengthen your brand, drive marketing efficiency, or increase sales, here is the second half of 6 best practices to enhance your online return on influence.

1. Know Your Social Media “Why”. Your off-line and on-line presence must be in-line. You must understand succinctly why you have a social media presence and how to most effectively utilize it as a platform. To enhance your online return on influence, it is critical that you develop an online purpose – with both a defensive strategy (to protect your brand), as well as an offensive roadmap (to take your message to the market).

2. Invest With Unique Insights. Some say ROI from social media is a myth. Let me remind you of the three types of relationship builders; on – or off-line; givers who freely give, takers, who use social media as a personal billboard or a solicitation engine, and investors. Digital relationship investors understand that the fundamental value in any social forum is the exchange of unique insights. Although we may never completely agree on a particular topic or process, a healthy dose of dissent fuels the participants’ intellectual horsepower.

3. Who Are You Listening To? Candidly, my first two weeks on Twitter were a complete waste of time. I saw little value in the mundane exchange of useless information. Then I quickly learned that Twitter ROI – for me – is heavily derived from following respected colleagues, industry thought leaders, and generally appealing personalities; those who shared insights I otherwise wouldn’t have regular access to. Particularly if you rely on social media to source industry influencers, it is critical to ask yourself, who are you really listening to? After all, we are the product of the advice we take.

What other best practices have you found of particular value?

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