Why This Book?

The evolution of the web says you are not just going to find a website; you are going to find a presence. Think of your website or blog as your digital hub, and social networking sites such as Facebook®, LinkedIn®, Twitter and YouTube as spokes or outposts that drive traffic and awareness back to your hub. Your presence on a social network results in legitimate traffic, which is tracked and has the ability to be analyzed with Google analytics, raising visibility for you, your company, or causes you care about.

With an estimated 400 million users, Facebook is THE most prevalent social networking application in the world! As such, it has become an online community to reconnect with old friends & colleagues, build marketing campaigns and create critical awareness for your business.

For many individuals, Facebook is providing a human element or in essence a “face” to their professional presence. Our pictures, activity updates, circle of friends, causes we care about, all are helping others get a more holistic view of not only what we do when we work, but who we really are – including that which we find interesting, how we like to play, and those who are around us! For many, it’s a platform to engage, influence, and share stories or perspectives and subsequently build the personal and professional brand.

For companies to be successful in social networking, it is important to strategically align business goals and objectives with the values of stakeholders; this shapes your strategy for using social media. Hence, the bigger question is, “Who are you trying to date?” The Facebook® community tops 400 million and we can’t possibly “date” everyone. Rather than sell products or services, what a business truly does on Facebook® is build and nurture digital relationships. The ideal path is to promote a Facebook® page in an innovative way – at the bottom of receipts, bills and invoices, or on highway billboards – to drive traffic to Facebook®, where you then engage and influence fans, subsequently driving traffic back to a storefront or website.

What Others Are Saying About The Social Media Best Practices Webinars / Seminars (the Booklet/DVD take this material even further)

“I was in David’s audience at the National Speakers Association ’09 where he spoke on Social Networking and its place in Sales/Marketing and Networking. He helped me understand the differences”

Lee Robert
Executive Director – Earth Friends Wildlife Foundation

“ I didn’t realize there were so many things you could do with such a relatively simple tool. Looking forward to getting the booklet and learning more.”

Doug Fitzpatrick
Managing Member – Fitzpatrick Engineering Group

Facebook® for Business Booklet Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Facebook® as a Social Networking Platform for Business
Chapter 2 – Getting Started: Home Page & Inbox
Chapter 3 – Developing a Content-Rich Personal Profile
Chapter 4 – Inviting Friends
Chapter 5 – Developing a Content Rich Public Profile – Company Administration
Chapter 6 – Building a Fan Base
Chapter 7 – Groups
Chapter 8 – Account Settings
Chapter 9 – Applications
Chapter 10 – Final Word
About the Authors
Appendix 1 – Facebook® users reacted to privacy changes
Appendix 2 – How Facebook® Can Become a Money Making Machine
Appendix 3 – Facebook’s Big Day: 1.5 Million Obama-Related
Status Updates Via CNN
Appendix 4 – The Future of Search is More than Social
Appendix 5 – Nonprofit Social Media Benchmarks Study
Appendix 6 – Facebook®: 5 Predictions for 2010

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