Strategic PlanUnprecedented growth from a unique return on your strategic relationships is derived from developing a relationship strategy focused on the future.

As with any strategic initiative, the planning process is considerably more valuable than the actual plan itself. That would include having the templates, worksheets, and filtering mechanisms necessary to create a personal, team, and organization-wide strategic relationship plan. Here are 5 main components of a strategic relationship plan:

Relationship-centric Goals

Business goals that you simply cannot achieve alone and must develop and nurture critical relationships to attain

Relationship Bank

Existing relationships, with diversity and quality of those relationships as critical as the sheer quantity

Pivotal Contacts

Those who have already seen the movie and have been through the pitfalls you’re headed for; highly influential relationships you must seek to develop because they are instrumental to your future success

Relationship Currency Exchange

The promised and delivered value in the favor economy

30-, 60-, and 90-day Personal Action Plans

Critical to relationship development and a nurturing process based on a quantifiable and prioritized set of metrics.

Tying goals to your existing relationships and then expanding these relationships to include pivotal contacts will help you achieve your professional and organizational goals. By helping others achieve their goals, you will find that they will reciprocate your actions and help you achieve yours.

How do you build, nurture, and capitalize on your relationships? Take our Free Relationship Signature Index assessment which will identify you in one of four quadrants with a high level profile and a set of recommendations.

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