I had coffee last week with a fairly new professional relationship and one of his particular nuances reminded me of something a mentor drove into me years ago: throw away your stopwatch and get a compass! You see John is a sharp guy who for all intensive purposes has been very successful. He has built and sold several companies, so he is financially comfortable. He has a great portfolio of relationships at the utmost senior levels. Beautiful family, comfortable home, etc.

The challenge with John is that he CAN NOT focus! At every one of our coffee or lunch meetings in the past year, he has had 30 new ideas he’s chasing! I’m still trying to figure out what happened to the last business idea he had and he’s telling me about the other 10-12. He has so many irons in the fire, I’m honestly trying to figure out how he keeps up with all of them! And I can’t be the only one. I wonder how many of his current portfolio of relationships feel the same way? If this guy is doing or chasing all these things, what could he possibly be really good at actually accomplishing?

You see, all of our business relationships, but particularly the strategic ones which can elevate our performance, execution, and results, want to believe us today and believe-in us as we deliver on our promises, discussions, ideas or focal points.

So my tip of the week for you is to Focus: what does your market really need, what is it that they can not get elsewhere, and what can you bring that is unique, easily understood and readily applicable? Focus – that’s the single biggest advantage you can create for yourself and your portfolio of relationships in helping you grow, personally and professionally.

Make it a great week,

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