As you develop your brand—which I believe is a lifelong process—you must also do four things to build your brand equity:

Deliver Consistently

Nothing else matters; if you become known for something, you must deliver on that brand promise consistently. Otherwise, it becomes diluted and undervalued.

Upgrade Constantly

This is one that I’ve learned from multiple mentors. If you stop learning, growing, expanding, and extending your horizons, your brand becomes stale, outdated, and worthless. Think of professional athletes who don’t give back or achieve anything after their playing career is over.

Invest Wisely

Take a candid inventory of your assets and liabilities, and develop a path to continue to build on your strengths. I consistently invest in conferences, workshops, and thought leadership gatherings to raise the bar on my own efforts.

Protect Passionately

Corporations spend millions of dollars protecting their brands. You must be as vigilant in knowing how your brand is discussed, shared, perceived, and sometimes infringed upon.

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