I’m grateful for hundreds of notes like the one below regarding my family back in Iran. We’re all in Turkey together, eagerly watching CNN International and BBC World Report regarding the atrocities in Iran. I’m also checking Hossein Mousavi’s Facebook page and Twitter on a consistent basis for the latest updates.

The Iranian people have been under an oppressive, abusive, and corrupt regime for over 30 years. Only with our help will they ever see an improved condition. We displaced Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan – we simply forgot the ones in the middle!

From: Costagliola, Paul
Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 11:46 AM
To: dnour@nourgroup.com
Subject: Good thoughts

Although I do not know you well, I would like to wish the best to you and others that you know that are currently affected by what is occurring in Iran.

Kind regards,


Paul Costagliola

Sales Manager

Universal Orlando Meetings and Events

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