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StratRelI’ve been working with a couple of clients recently who several years ago began a great idea. They launched a new product, started a new service, or created a new platform to serve a specific community. Each was able to garner early success in proving the value of their business or revenue model – they had identified a market need and met it with enthusiastic support from their respective target audiences.

Over the years, they’ve continued to build on that success by focusing on the core value proposition – the features or functions of the product, consistency in the delivery of the service, or dependability of the new community platform.

But for whatever reason, they’ve never activated their most valuable asset – the strategic relationships in each of those initiatives. You see, to really scale an idea you must engage, influence your existing relationships. The users of that product over the past several years, or the customers who continue to subscribe to that service, or participants in that online community obviously see value in their ongoing relationship with you. So why not make them your brand ambassadors? Why not engage them to educate the broader market for you?

If they’re the future of your product, evolution of your service, or the next iteration of your online community, why not create “Customer Advisory” panels, “Alumni Groups,” or “Alpha Testers?” In essence, why not leverage your strategic relationships to create scale?

In working with those who have taken this advice, we’ve proven an exponential growth and scale of the idea. Once again, reiterating that relationships are your single biggest off balance sheet asset!

Make it a great week,

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