Most would agree that LinkedIn is the definitive social networking site for business professionals. But years since it has been in the market, most professionals I coach, mentor or otherwise meet:

  • Don’t have a compelling, content-rich profile
  • Aren’t active in both nurturing their current relationships or pursuing net new relationships
  • Miss the opportunity to build their personal brand while adding value to others!

LinkedIn InsightsThat’s where these three simple insights come in handy:

1. Who’s Viewed Your Profile – I’m betting people are not checking you out on LinkedIn because they’re bored. Your name, company, area of expertise, or something you’ve done has peaked their interest. Are you clicking on this simple link to find out who they are and engaging them in a dialogue?

2. Who’s Viewed Your Updates – This is directly correlated to the a) quality and b) frequency of your updates. Please don’t use status updates as you personal billboard. Instead, focus on adding value with compelling content. It’s OK to promote an idea, a solution, or an event, but also avoid all out selling as it completely turns most people off.

3. Your LinkedIn Network – social networks grow exponentially, so when you connect with someone, through their connections, your broader network expands. The more diverse your portfolio of relationships, the broader your influence footprint.

Bottom Line:

  1. Build a compelling, content-rich profile. Every field within LinkedIn is searchable.
  2. Get on LinkedIn for 5-10 min a day. Connect, engage, answer questions in group discussions, ask questions, introduce your network to each other!
  3. Add value in every interaction. In the pull economy, those who matter will seek you out. I can directly point six Fortune 500 client engagements to my relationships and interactions on LinkedIn!

Let me know how you’ve found success in using LinkedIn to broaden and deepen your portfolio of relationships?

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