Fuel GaugeIn my experience, fuel efficiency or profitability of growth is as much a mind-set as it is generally accepted accounting principles.

By extending your understanding and acceptance that relationships are important, to the strategic and quantifiable value that makes them significant, you can enhance the fuel efficiency or profitability of your growth.

In the process, the engine, body drag, weight, and resistance load of your organization are translated into ideas such as intently outlining your relationship-centric goals and objectives; identifying and prioritizing your pivotal contacts; proactively nurturing your relationship bank; creating conceptual agreements on objectives, measures, and value; consistently investing relationship currency deposits; proposing value-based fees and creative options to work together; reducing labor intensity at the individual, team, and organizational levels; enhancing your reputation capital with great work; and building your professional net worth over a lifetime.

These ideas create a strategic relationship scorecard, which we’ve proved can lead to unprecedented growth through a unique return on your relationships.

How well do a group of individuals work well together in a team-based environment? Take our Free Relationship DNA assessment to identify the team attributes in one of four quadrants with a high level profile and a set of recommendations.

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