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536924I posted an update on LinkedIn about my motorcycle track day at Road Atlanta a couple of weekends ago and it got an unexpected number of views, likes & comments. I think in part because deep down inside, we all need an adventure.

You see, I believe we should work to fuel life and not the other way around. For most of us, work is something we do conservatively, cautiously, and in a thoughtful manner; certainly nothing wrong with any of those attributes. The challenge is, work seldom pushes us – I’m not talking about you working longer hours or attending another training class!

What I’m trying to convey is that if you NEVER do anything that pushes your perceived limits, scares you, or make you work harder, how will you ever grow? How will you know what you’re really capable of? How will you fall to learn from mistakes, apply those mistakes, and reach new – previously unimaginable – heights?

You don’t have to ride motorcycles at 100+ mph around a track to push yourself (although it helps). You do have to find opportunities to grow. Over the years in coaching and mentoring executives, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and consultants, what I’ve learned is that we all have a perceived set of limitations – what we believe we are capable of, is often derived from our past education, experiences, or relationships. We go to a certain edge that scares us and then we back off. We work to a point on something and then let off the gas (or throttle in my case!)

Not sure where these self-imposed glass ceilings come from, but you’ll NEVER really know what you’re capable of until you a) find something you’re passionate about (a hobby fills your time; a passion makes it!), b) work diligently, tireless, relentlessly at continuing to learn, improve, and grow, and c) yes, even if it scares the bejesus out of – that’s a very technical motorcycle riding term!

I don’t know what that passion is for you. What I do know is that life is way too short to settle, give up, give in, or just go to the theme part to ride the merry-go-round. Live a little. That’s the only way you’ll continue to grow and remain relevant. By the way, make sure the disability and life insurance policies are up to date (sorry, channeling the Mrs. again!) 😉

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