2014Every day of this past year, I tweeted a relationship-centric question to help your efforts to ponder your willingness and ability to grow, personally and professional (check out #2013Qs). As we embark on a New Year, here are some useful questions you may want to ponder by yourself, with interchange from colleagues, or others you respect and trust:

  1. What accomplishment am I most proud of this past year, personally and professionally? Why was I successful in those endeavors and what can I replicate in the New Year?
  2. What did I leave undone? Were the shortcomings due to ego, lack of discipline, poor planning, poor execution or other controllable factors? How specifically can I improve my performance, execution and results in 2014?
  3. What is the priority development I need to undertake, and how will I obtain it?
  4. Who are the top 10 relationships I need to prioritize, invest in, and create mutual results or desired outcomes with?
  5. If others seem to be moving at a faster pace than I am, what are the causes? Can I duplicate them?
  6. Was I sufficiently creative, engaging and influential in my field this past year? Did I produce distinctive ideas or simply rely on the efforts of others? Am I building a personal brand for certain area of expertise within my organization or industry?
  7. Have I grown as a professional – in my skills, behaviors, and thought or practice leadership, or am I stagnate in my role / realm of responsibilities?
  8. Am I receiving the critical, candid inputs I need (whether I “want” them or not)? If so, how do I exploit them? If not, how to I acquire them?
  9. Am I fully capitalizing on my market presence within industry associations, professional communities, alumni groups, or civic organizations?
  10. Do I feel more confident and worthy and am I able to sustain that sense? If not, what’s missing?
  11. Have I improved on my relationship assets and reduction of my relationship liabilities? How can I do a better job on my soft assets balance sheet?
  12. Am I seeking net new strategic relationships, and investing in those most impactful to my growth consistently? If not, why not?

I learned long ago that you cannot improve anything you don’t measure. BTW, the relationships you choose to invest in 2014 and beyond, will determine your direction and define your destination! #BeBoldIn14

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