For 30 years, the current “Islamic Republic” clerics have been raping and pillaging this once great land – of its natural resources, of its inherent wealth, of its people’s dignity, pride, and basic human rights.

30 Years ago, the last revolution which brought about the current regime overthrew then Shah of Iran due to allegations that he was not a true Muslim, that he was killing innocent people – many often political prisoners, his excessive purchase of arms, proactive use of a brutal intelligence service (Savak), and political relations with Israel.

This regime promised freedom, removal of the intelligence service, freedom for political prisoners, and distribution of the oil wealth to improve people’s lives. Instead, they lied to possess power and now will do anything – include killing innocent citizens – to retain their power.

All of Shah’s castles are now occupied by the clerics. Their children (specifically those of Rafsanjani, Khamenei, Nouri, Tabasi) run factories – they’ve taken roles from productive, educated, competent managers and have given it to these often uneducated, morons.

The once mighty Persian Empire is in economic turmoil, despite its strong crude oil and gas reserves. Massive unemployment, rampant inflation, and most importantly – the demise of basic hope and aspirations of its human capital are in despair. Theft, murder, and generally described illegal activities have increased exponentially.

An estimated 50% of the country’s youth are addicted to illegal substances – heroin openly imported from Afghanistan and sold in black markets. Addicts are robbing and murdering their family and friends to feed their addictions.

A young woman is unsafe in a taxi to her own home, 10 PM in Tehran. If she takes a private car, she faces almost certain rape, robbery and mutilation and disposition of her remains in a remote alley.

Ahmadinejad and the clerics take revenues from the sale of crude oil and instead of investing it in factories, jobs, and economic stimuli, provide money, arms, training, and even manpower to Hamas, Hezbollah, and other militia fighters in Iraq and Palestine.

The Iranian treasury department audit found that in a three year period, an estimated 2000 incidents of illegal transactions has occurred under the Ahmadinejad administration – such as oil revenue discrepancies. An estimated $1.6B USD from oil revenues is unaccounted for – with no explanation from the administration as to its whereabouts.

There is no country without a figurehead (leader), but the figurehead must believe in democracy to establish democracy, not amending the existing constitution towards dictatorship. The figurehead must be elected by the people’s vote for a limited term, not be appointed for a life-time leadership like Imam or Shah. A corrupt or a dictator president would be kicked out of power by the people’s vote after the four year term of presidency. To get rid of a dictator, who is a life-time supreme leader, a long term bloody fight is inevitable.

The Shah who believed that his position in government was divine, imprisoned, tortured and killed people to save his lifetime leadership. The clerics are committing the same atrocities for similar reasons. Mousavi is not a crook – he has questioned Ahmadinejad’s integrity and that of the clerics. He was prime minister for eight years during the Iran-Iraq war and has been credited for solid economic policies.

What I anticipate in the short-term:
– The current uprising will result in removal of Ahmadinejad as the President
– It’s possible that the current regime will make Mousavi the new “people’s President”
– If the clerics allow, Mousavi can improve people’s condition

Long term success in Iran:
– Regime change will only happen with a strong (covert and overt) support of the US and UK
– In a tight timeline, they must turn the entire country free of the clerics
– Only a separation of mosque and state will create long-term prosperity in Iran

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